Friday, January 1, 2010

Description of a Crawler Dozer - TTT

The tract type tractor, commonly called a bulldozer, is a crawler tractor on which a dozer blade is mounted on its front end. It is consists of a power plant (typically a diesel engine) and is supported on the ground by a track assembly (undercarriage). Its mobility is entirely riding on its tracks propelled by its Final Drive through a sprocket.
The tracks extend the full length of the dozer. The track assembly provides all-type-terrain versatility due to the low ground bearing pressure at the track. This lower ground bearing pressure, varying from 6 to 9 pounds per square inch, has a distinct flotation advantage over rubber-tired equipment ground bearing pressure that varies from 25 to 35 pounds per square inch. Dozers are capable of operating efficiently in muck or water as deep as the height of the track for short periods of time. When the dozer is properly waterproofed, it can operate in fairly deep water.
Dozers are usually rated by size and power. The pull developed at the drawbar is expressed in pounds or as drawbar horsepower. The drawbar pull is greatest in the lowest transmission gear range. Although the specifications for dozers may vary among different manufacturers, the maximum speeds are seldom in excess of 8 mph.

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