Friday, January 1, 2010

Track Type Tractors - Defined

Considered to be the king of all Caterpillar Machines, the bulldozer, technically known as a crawler tractor or Track type tractor (TTT). This page covers the general characteristics and basic principles of a dozer.

Dozers are used in the following operations:

  • as a prime mover for pushing or pulling loads
  • as a power unit for winch operations (if installed)
  • as a dozer for earthwork operations and demolition jobs.

Dozers are perhaps the most basic and versatile items of equipment in mining and construction industry. It is designed to provide high drawbar pull and traction effort. They are the standard equipment for land clearing, dozing, and assisting in scraper loading. It may be equipped with rearmounted winches or rippers. Crawler tractors exert low ground-bearing
pressure, which adds to their versatility.
Transporting dozers transport dozers between projects or within a project, it is advisable to use heavy trailers or flat beds. This is because moving this machine using its own power, even at slow speeds, increases track wear and shortens the machine’s operational life.

Bulldozer operators are responsible for reading the operator’s manual to obtain detailed information about every dozer model.

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