Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Materials in Earthmoving

Working in a mining or construction operation, project personnel must be well known about soil (material) terminologies. In most cases these terms are called Bank cubic yard (BCY),  Loose cubic yard (LCY) and  Compacted cubic yard (CCY). These 3 terms are quantified not by its volume but through its weight. And we need to understand the differneces of our material before excavation and after compaction, although the same material weight but will occupy different volumes . Material volume and weight of a cubic yard of soil varies depending upon its state:
  • Bank cubic yard (BCY). A BCY is 1 cubic yard of material as it lies in its natural/undisturbed state.
  • Loose cubic yard (LCY). A LCY is 1 cubic yard of material after it has been disturbed by an excavation process. Take note that a loose yard weighs less since it now contains a significant amount of air and is no longer packed.
  • Compacted cubic yard (CCY). A CCY is 1 cubic yard of material after compaction. That means a compacted yard weights more than a Bank yard since compaction forces the soil particles tighter together.
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